Nail Polish that will NOT come off!! Say what???

I know.  It is hard to believe, but it is TRUE!! Gelique Gel Nail Polish (or commonly known as Gel Nails) are the latest major trend on the nail scene right now.  I have to admit, I was reluctant to try this new trend out due to my horrible experiences with nail polish.  Nail Polish and I are not friends. Don't get me wrong, I love the way my nails look with some cool funky nail polish.  What I hate is the fact that a day after I polish, it immediately chips or peels off.  It is SOOO annoying!  I am not an acrylic manicure type of girl. I like my nails natural, colorful, and short.  I just never had any luck keeping it on for very long.  That is until now.  I am in LOVE with Gel Nails.  I have been getting the nails for months now, and I am still thrilled every time I go to the salon.  Gel Nails provide the strength of acrylic without the appearance of looking fake.  Gel Nails are similar to nail polish.  You have a base coat, polish color, and a top coat.  The difference is that the Gel nails are bonded by UV light.  Speaking from my experience only, I have found that the polish will NOT come off!  It just grows out.  I went almost a month one time and they still looked good.  I worked, played, worked out, cleaned, cooked, and the polish held up. Well, maybe I did not cook that much, but the point is that it will not come off until it either grows out OR you have the salon change out the color.  I will say that if you are trying them for the first time, I have found that the CND Shellac  is the best.  The Shellac is actually a kind of hybrid between the Gel Nail and traditional nail polish. The salon should have a bunch of little wheels for you to pick and choose your colors, and there are some fun colors to choose from.  Another cool thing about the Gel Nails is that they are instantly dry.  You will never leave with wet nails.  They are dry the instant the manicurist is finished.  How cool is that?  I do want to note a few small negatives.  Gel Nails can be a little pricey and it takes a little while to change out the polish.  Who cares?  My nails are awesome and they make me happy. Totally worth it.  One last tip.  When you change out your color, do not let them be lazy and soak your entire hand in acetone.  They need to take a cotton ball and remove the polish individually.  You may get majorly cussed out and probably gossiped about in a foreign language, but that's okay.  They need to do it right..  Again, I can only speak from my own personal experience, but I LOVE my Gel Nails.  I hope you will too!

Click this link to see CND Shellac The Look - New Rock'n Roll nails for 2012.  Love this look!


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