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After my awesome trial hair and makeup last night I have been even more excited for my wedding coming up! Y'all are seriously amazing!!!

- Keri Benasuly, Bride

Thank y'all so much for a fun day getting ready! My bridesmaids and I had so much fun hanging out with y'all. All of our hair stayed in place and makeup flawless even throughout the reception & crazy dancing!! Thanks for helping us look glamorous.  Love you Nisha and Kristin!!

- Courtney Miller, Bride



A Glamour Affair is an Atlanta based on location hair and makeup company made up of teams that know how to glam you up!  We offer an experience that is just as unforgettable as the event you will be attending.

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How do I prepare for my hair & makeup appointment?
We've Got answers.












Despite what you hear from others, go ahead and shampoo your hair the morning of, we like it that way.  We will add the products to get the grit we need and you get to a have a clean head for your special day! (Feel free to use a volumizer while hair is still wet, but no hairspray)  Then, just blowdry. 

Whatever you do, DO NOT use a curling iron or straightener after your shampoo the morning of your event (hair dryer only).  It removes all of the moisture from the hair which is needed for hair to hold our hair design.  Once it's been removed it is more difficult for the hair to hold the curls that we will be doing.

Wax brows a few days before event.  Any sooner and the waxed area will not take foundation the same as the rest of your face.  (Plucking is fine at any time)

Exfoliate the night before or morning of with an exfoliator like Clinique's exfoliating scrub and follow up with Clinique's clarifying lotion to take away any dullness left behind and allow for moisturizer to really take hold. (Don't forget to include lips!)

Show up with a clean makeup-free face (no mascara leftovers).Moisturizing is always important, but be sure to moisturize the night before and morning of, so that your face is fresh and glowing.  Also, drink plenty of water the entire week leading up to the event.


Be sure to use a good moisturizing lip balm like C.O. Bigelo's moisturizing lip shine sold at Bath & Body Works morning and night for the week leading up to event so that lips are plump and moist and not dry and peely.

Special Event Advice From Our Professionals

Pre Wedding Prep
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