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Here at A Glamour Affair we researched the best lash extensions out there and found that NovaLash surpasses them all, so that is who we decided to get certified with.  They truly care about the health of your eye and natural lashes while putting out a beautiful product.  Their glue is also physician approved. The initial application takes about 3 hours and involves applying an individual eyelash with physician approved glue to each of your own individual lashes.  You can go as natural or dramatic as you like.  Lash extensions are great for special events, especially weddings where you will be leaving for a honeymoon afterwards that usually involves the beach.  Wake up every morning looking beautiful with full dark lashes.  You can even go to the beach and swim without makeup, yet still look good with your lashes.



Fill-ins are performed every 4 weeks after the initial application.  This service takes about an hour.  Your lashes are on a natural growth cycle and like all other hair on our bodies, the lashes shed and then there is regrowth.  The fill-in appt is to apply new lashes to the new growth where old lashes have shed.  Some choose to only have an initial application to last for 4- 6 weeks for certain special occasions.  The wedding and honeymoom are a great occasion for a one time application to last for the first month of your marriage.

Basic synthetic strip lashes are applied for a more natural even lash line, helping to avoid any extra application of mascara.  Even though we always use waterproof mascara we all know that tears and sweat can sometimes affect even the best of waterproof mascaras.  These are great for weddings, special events, and photos. These lashes are easily removed with a gentle tug as you wash your face.  They are good for one use.

Luxury is exactly what comes to mind when you see these fluffy 3D mink fur strip lashes. Slightly more expensive than the synthetic strip lashes, you will get your money's worth out of an extra 15 uses that these lashes offer.  Made from real mink fur, these lashes are sure to WOW!  They come with a case to preserve them in. These lashes are easily removed with a gentle tug as you wash your face.


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