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A Glamour Affair consists of hair and makeup artists who provide on-location services for brides and others who require "glamour" for special events in the Atlanta area.  Of course, we are always willing to travel, pretty much anywhere, so just ask!  AGA was founded by Nisha Lagana and Kristin Collins in 2011.  They are not only business partners but have been best friends since the first grade.  Even then, Nisha was always talking and getting them into trouble, while Kristin was always shushing her and telling her to write it down and pass a note.  Funny enough, it is still the same story today.  Alisha, Kristin's twin sister and also Nisha's best friend, describes them as your favorite mullett........ Kristin is all business in the front and Nisha is party in the back.  When you meet them you'll know exactly what I'm talking about (laughing as I write this).  However, they both know how to have fun and you will really enjoy getting to know them.  They truly care about you and want you to feel beautiful more than anything.  


Nisha has always had a gift for applying beautiful makeup and the ability to see the things that would enhance one's natural beauty.  Kristin has been doing updos and styling hair all the way back to her barbie days.  Together they were often asked to provide hair and makeup services to friends and family and friends of friends for weddings and special events.  The business grew before it was even a business and was provided as "favors" to those that knew them.  It was out of this necessity that A Glamour Affair was born.  Kristin and Nisha began to love the feeling of making people feel beautiful and saw that they could use the gifts God gave them to help others feel the beauty that we all see in them.  AGA is quickly growing and they have now added other gifted artists to their team in order to accommodate their many inquiries.  All artists undergo training sessions with Nisha and Kristin in order to learn to create the "A Glamour Affair" look.  People often ask Kristin and Nisha about their "bridezilla" stories and the reply is always the same....."we don't have any."  At AGA we have NEVER had an unhappy bride or client and not only that, we LOVE all of our brides and becoming friends with them after being a part of their special day.  Some of our clients you could say "grow up" with us.  We often begin our journey with them for their 8th grade formal and then comes prom and homecoming and the next thing you know they are getting married.  We love being a part of our clients' lives through a story of special events leading up to the biggest event of all!

Our Team
Our Story
 Nisha & Kristin

Nisha graduated from Kennesaw State University with a business degree. She has held many titles in the mortgage industry.  However, her true passion is glamour in all it's many forms.  Faces are truly her canvas and makeup her medium.  Nisha loves to accentuate your best features and she has a true talent for creating a flawless face.  At one time glamour was reserved for only those who graced the covers of magazines, now that Nisha is on the loose we all have the luxury of looking like cover models.  Nisha is great at creating makeup applications that last.  Often our brides reveal to us that they wore their makeup for a second day and that it still looked just as beautiful as the day before.  She once had a bride jump in the pool at the reception and then laugh because her makeup remained untouched.  Most importantaly, Nisha understands the balance between looking like yourself and enhancing your beauty so that you feel like a more glamorous version of yourself..  Don't be surprised if a dance party breaks out while Nisha is working, it wouldn't be the first time.  (She sings too, but don't worry she's actually pretty good at it). You can't help but love Nisha, and chances are you'll probably want to invite her to come hang out with you later, cause she really is just that much fun!

Kristin Collins 

Kristin graduated from the University of West GA with a major in marketing in 2003.  Before transferring to West GA she was accepted into the architecture program at Southern Polytechnic State University where she studied for two years.  Her time spent in the architecture proram designing would later become a great foundation in the art of "building" the updo.  Kristin quickly noticed a link between these two mediums.  Buildings were meant to endure and Kristin appreciated the fact that an updo/hairstyle should be structured just the same; to last through the night and weather the storm (which for a hairstyle may include dancing, strong winds, humidity and all things involved in enjoying life during momentus occasions).  As demand grew for Kristin to style friends and family's hair for weddings, proms, and the like, she decided to go back to school to get her cosmetology license.  She began styling hair for all of her friends for high school prom and homecoming.  She has styled hair for numerous special occassions greatly enjoying being a part of so many unforgettable moments in others' lives.  Kristin's true gift is creating a style that will last.  Her most common feedback is other's surprise in the fact that their hair held for the entire evening and typically the next day.  She regrets that often people limit themselves to hairstyle options because they think their hair "won't hold".  Trust that it will, and choose the style you love.  You'll be glad you did! 

 Nisha Lagana
Co-Owner | Hair & Makeup Artist | Brow & Lash Ext. Specialist
Co-Owner | Makeup Artist 
Dana Sullivan
Studio Manager | Beauty Concierge
Krisinda Parrott
Hair Artist

Soooo Krisinda could be described as our "Hair Comedian".  This girl is a barrell of laughs and you can't help but have fun around her.  I think it's because she has 4 kids at home, and you just have to have a sense of humor with that many kids!  If you ask her she'll tell you she's been married 12 LONG years (emphasis on the LONG), but we all know she has a great marriage and beautiful family.  Krisinda graduated from cosmetology school in 1995.  She first worked in Buckhead and midtwown (Atlanta).  She has specialized in weddings for many years now, providing services for hundreds of brides, traveling anywhere from Memphis to Highlands, North Carolina.  Krisinda is quick to tell you that she has no feelings, therefore you cannot hurt them.  So if you don't like something, tell her.  Point anything out and she is more than happy to fix it.  She says she'd be more hurt if you didn't say anything and left unhappy.  Her personal favorite is big, messy styles with volume, but this girl can do anything!

Cassadee Maciel
Makeup Artist

They've been calling her lipstick since she was one years old and was able to put lipstick on without a mirror. She has always been a lover of fashion and glam. She started helping friends and family get ready for proms and special events and realized she had a passion for makeup artistry. She gained experience by working at Merle Norman Cosmetics through college at Shorter University, where she graduated with a nursing degree.  Don't think this girl can't give CPR without messing up her lipstick!  After that, she became a free lance makeup artist for special events and wedding parties. Cassadee knows how to have a good time and is sure to make you feel at ease.  She is an instant best friend to all who meet her!

Ashli Boyd
Hair Artist

Ashli has had a passion for hair and the beauty industry most of her life. She has been awarded first place in hairstyling for state in the Skills USA competition and second place for Region.  Ashli attended Paul Mitchell The School Atlanta and graduated from their honors program called Phase 2, and has mastered a wide range of hair techniques since then. She has worked in the salon, yet enjoys being on location with a changing scene like we have here at A Glamour Affair.  Ashli believes in continuing education and strives to stay on top of all the latest trends so she can give the client exactly what they want. She makes it her number one goal that you are happy with your look. You don't have to worry about leaving unhappy, cause believe me, this girl won't let you.  Ashli is a girly girl who loves hanging out with her family & friends during her spare time.  I must say Ashli is always looking fabulous, makeup and hair always to perfection. She has a great friendly personality and we know you will hit it off with her right from the start!

 Josie Neves
Makeup Artist

Josie is a Brazilian girl with American dreams. She has always had a passion for art and beauty.  She started doing makeup in her teens when family and friends asked for her beauty advice. She moved to the U.S. a few years later and started to pursue makeup professionally. Josie also models and represents a few cosmetics brands, giving clients pro tips on how to do their own makeup. Bridal makeup is one of her specialties and her focus is on providing her clients a luxurious experience.  Being in front of the camera has helped Josie to understand makeup and how it photographs, which is important for special events.  Not only do you want to look beautiful in person, but you want to photograph beautifully as well.  We just love Josie and her sweet spirit!

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