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How Safe are You From That PROM DAY Beauty Nightmare???

You've heard the nightmares before. You've got 10 minutes till time for prom pictures, everyone is on a strict time schedule because you have dinner reservations, but you hate your prom hair and makeup. Right about now you would pay just about any amount to feel even somewhat pretty. If you're a mother you don't actually realize just how bad this situation is until you've actually experienced it, and if


you are the one attending prom the possibility probably never even crossed your mind. You were asked to prom ......YAY........ EXCITEMENT! You shopped for the found THE ONE! You dreamed of prom night.......AHHHHH......I get to feel SO BEAUTFIFUL! But wait a minute, here you are 10 minutes till he arrives to pick you up and you ABSOLUTELY hate your hair and makeup. You feel ugly and to be quite honest.....pissed off, that you spent all of this money and time planning, only to have your prom night dreams shattered because you don't recognize that person staring back at you in the mirror. Sooooo, how can this problem be averted you ask..........

1. Pick a hair and makeup artist that someone you know can recommend.

If you have seen a friend's hair or makeup and you liked it from those pics last year, then ask them who did it. TIP: Don't ask the friend who has perfect hair that would look good even if she dyed it orange and threw it on top of her head. Chances are her 9 year old little brother could do something with her hair and make it look good. Look for people who really look like a real nice transition was made for their hair or makeup, this way you are sure to find an artist that really knows what they are doing.

2. Be sure to ask to look at the artist's portfolio.

This may feel a little overkill for prom, but remember this is an important day and you have put a lot into it. It's up to you to check on your chosen artist's work.

3. Bring a picture of the look you want.

I Find that some clients are afraid they will offend me if they bring a picture for some reason. I am always glad to have a picture, this way I know that the client and I are on the same page. My idea of a "bump" may not be the same as a 17 year old girl's. Also, there are a wide range of types of curls out there, a picture helps me to understand the exact curl type my client wants. Don't even get me started on the smokey eye.

4. When picking a picture, pick one of a girl with your same hair color and type for hair and one with the same skin coloring and eye shape for makeup.

An updo on a brown headed girl with no high lights looks completely different than an updo on a girl with blonde hair or with highlights. Detail does not show up very well on hair without highlights, so that is another thing to consider. If you want to look more like a certain picture, highlights may be necessary to achieve the look. Clip-in hair extensions should possibly also be considered if you are dead set on that picture of the girl with hair thicker and longer than yours. As for makeup, if you are fair skinned you don't really want to bring a picture of J. Lo because your coloring may not match up with the colors used on her skin tone.

5. Schedule a Trial or Consultation.

Here at A Glamour Affair we do free email consultations where you can email a picture of yourself and pictures of the look you want and we will give you feedback on the look and how it will suit you and also give you any advice on steps to take ahead of time to help the look be better achieved. We also do paid trials where you come in and we do a full hair and makeup practice run so you know exactly what you will look like the day of. This may be a good option if you want to have professional pictures made on a day where you have more time and you're not dealing with the prom day rush. Lori Waddell Photography does this sort of photo session, and it's really cool to have.

6. DO NOT let a friend or friend of a friend or family friend do your hair and makeup.

This is a huge no no, unless you already know that you love the way this person does YOUR hair or makeup. The reason this is a bad idea is because you aren't going to have the heart to tell this person you want to change something or you don't like something. You have to be friends with this person and see them from day to day and that thought alone, for some reason, makes us afraid to speak up. You are less likely to do this with a professional that you are paying to fix your hair and makeup the way you like it.

7. Don't skimp on the hair and makeup budget.

You may be willing to spend hundreds on a dress, and then have nothing left over for hair and makeup. This is a big mistake, because if your head doesn't look good you won't even be able to see past that to the body wearing the dress. You know from trying on dresses that without the proper hair and makeup you just can't pull off that dress the same way you could if you had beautiful hair and makeup.

I hope this blog post was helpful to you and that by using my tips you will have a wonderful prom day beauty experience! We are girls, and is important to all girls that we feel beautiful. BUT, don't forget that inner beauty which is what others are already seeing anyway. It's hard for us to see that beauty in ourselves, but be reassured, that's the beauty than any guy worth having will notice.

If you are in the Atlanta area check out our portfolios and send an email to for your free consultation and let us get you on the books for prom because we are booking up fast. We look forward to being a part of your special day! To make your experience even more fun, get all your friends to book in the studio and it will be a best friend makeover party!!!!


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