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How to Wear a Designer Prom Dress and Stay Within Your Budget: (freeing up money for hair & make

This is a great little secret for those of you who like to wear the latest fashions, but may not exactly have the money to buy them. Actually, who would want to buy them when you are going to wear them only once anyway. At Rent The Runway you just rent the dress at 90% off retail. You have access to 150 designers, 25,000 dresses, and accessories. You even get a second size for free just in case the size you order doesn't fit. And everything you see is in-season fashion. I'm thinking WOW You have to check out this website!!!!! Rent The Runway has been featured in many magazines from People to Teen Vogue. With prom quickly approaching, renting a dress may be a good option to free up some money for your hair and makeup budget (wink wink).

XOXO & happy shopping!



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